How to do the project

Project is your chance to show your potential and improve the life in your neighbouhood.


Up till now 80 students graduated from the Socratic institute, plus there are 20 current students. The number of students in groups each year is 20 in order to keep the education interactive and to create conditions for personal relationships, support and individual approach in project mentoring. Thus 80 projects have already been realized (+22 currently running).

These projects are focused on a wide variety of issues in various regions of Slovakia. One feature that all projects have in common is the fact, that they are not very narrowly specified, they take into consideration various aspects of sustainable development. Here we offer a couple of examples ordered by the main topics of sustainable development, even though the impact of the projects intersects various fields (in brackets we include the field of study of the student).

How does the project look like?

Changing the society requires a lot of time. But what we can do right now is to serve as an example and contribute to necessary changes step by step. We learn from direct experience. That is why every student chooses a problem (without any topic restrictions), sets the project and puts it into reality in a certain part of Slovakia within a year. The aim of the project is to contribute to change or to improve the place they live in and let people know about it through media in order to inspire others.

The project is not only the condition for a successful graduation from the programme. It is also the main educative tool – it teaches to identify a specific problem, set the goals, search for effective solutions, involve other people in the process of creating change, to work in team, get financial of material support, and spread information through the media to inspire others. It is also the way to learn from directly from practice. It is about finding innovative solutions in a context of sustainable living. Working on their own project empowers students and supports mobilization of other young people to take initiative in various regions.