Study the programme

Are you interrested in interactive education, theory set into to the practical context but most important - proving your own abilities? These are the main parts of the education at Socratic institute. 


“To study the programme of Socratic institute takes a lot of time. From the begining it is more about the project, to write it down properly. Workshops are awsome and important, but it is not the only part of Socratic institute. Homeworks and work on your own project are also important parts of the education. It is good to be aware of it and think if one have enough time and capacity to work on it. But there is no doubt whether to apply for the study because you can experience beautiful things and get to know great people." 


Marcel Glasa, year 2015/2016


How does the credit system work?

Sokratic institute is accredited by Technical University in Zvolen. It is very unique cooperation of NGO with the university. Anyone can attend it and because of credit system ECTS it is possible to get 6 credits for it.


How much does the programme cost?

Sokratic institute is financed by ZSE company, that is why the education is free for you (accomodation and food during the workshops and materials to study)