In Socratic institute we care about development of young people's potential, that is why we are trying to motivate them to improve of their environment. During the year we openly communicate and search the best possible solutions for the social problems. We also motivate students to connect and help each other.


Juraj Hipš

He finished his studies of philosophy and aestethics in Faculty of Philosophy of the Comenius University in Bratislava. Afterwards he worked as stoker and high-school teacher. He also taught environmental education and social sciences in a couple of primary and high schools. He worked as an university teacher at his Alma Mater. He has been in connection with NGO sector since he was 15 years old. He was born in the capital and moved to live in a village, where he founded the first community school and was one of those who built the Educational center of Zaježová. Nowadays he lives in Zaježová with his wife and 3 children. In his free time he cuts the timber for the winter.

Director of Živica, founder of Socratic institute

Jana Ďaďová

She finished her studies focused on international relations in University of Economics in Bratislava and garden architecture in Nitra. She is also graduate of the Socratic institute. She has been volunteering in Youth organization Plusko for a couple of years. She spent three years supporting individual lives of young people with health disease in NGO Barlička in Prešov. She worked also as a coordinator of the work with young people in Bánovce nad Bebravou at the civic authorities and also founded NGO BeeN focused on supporting of community life. 

Coordinator of the Socratic institute programme

Zuzana Gallayová

Teaches at the Faculty of ecology and environment at Technical university in Zvolen. As a graduate of this university she searches for the possible connections of the education and practiss in courses of Environmental education, Methods od environmental education and Global education. She is in very close connection with Živica what brings her many opportunities and useful movements in supporting the development of her students. She also volunteered for the programme of Green school at the positon of consultant. 

Proffesional guarantee



Miriam Semjanová

mathematician and interractive pedagogist

supervisor of the students' projects 

Katka Pázmány

psychologist, coordinator of the Comenius Institute programme and trainer

supervisor of the students' projects